Thursday, October 23, 2014


By Staff Writer
Von Ormy— Efforts by the United Steel Workers union to organize oil field service employees at Katch Kan, USA in Von Ormy failed  in a vote held August 14, 2014.
      This latest attempt to unionize Texas employees comes on the heels of the largest economic boom south Texas has ever seen. The Eagle Ford shale has provided a revitalization of business along south Texas. But it is not just business that is booming—so is the desire of union organizers to move into this prime area and capitalize on worker grievances. The United Steel Workers in particular are actively trying to gain support in south Texas.
     Katch Kan, USA, a safety rig system installer and manufacturer located at 4515 Smith Road in Von Ormy, experienced a second attempt by the United Steel Workers to unionize site employees. Employees rejected  unionization with 11 employees choosing “No” and only 5 choosing “Yes.” This vote came following well-organized and hard-fought campaigns on both sides. 
     In a trend seen across South Texas, Hispanic employees overwhelmingly opposed unionization.   In the Katch Kan election, all Hispanic employees voted against the United Steel Workers, demonstrating that demographics will continue to be a critical factor in future unionization campaigns.

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