Thursday, October 23, 2014


Staff Writer
VON ORMYThe 2014 Von Ormy property tax rate took a turn towards zero following the expiration of time allowed for ratification of a fall back rate. 
     State law requires cities to adopt their property tax rates by September 29th each year.  The Von Ormy City Council is divided over Mayor Art Martinez de Vara’s proposal for a zero tax rate.  By a vote of 2-3 the City Council rejected a motion made by Mayor Pro Tem Sally Martinez to set the 2014 rate at zero at its September 29th meeting.  With no other motions being made the meeting adjourned with no tax rate being adopted. 
     Dissenting members of the Council have expressed their desire to invoke a fall back provision in state law that reverts the tax rate to the previous year’s rate when no tax rate is adopted.  Mayor Martinez de Vara explained, “the fallback provision exists but requires ratification within 5 days.  While a special meeting was called on the issue on the 5th day, a quorum was not present at the meeting and no action was taken, so the time allowed to ratify the fallback rate has expired.  At this point the tax rate is zero and I do not believe any additional action on the 2014 tax rate is authorized by law.”

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