Thursday, October 23, 2014


By Brett Wilson Sr.
Only 1 Game Away From First Place!

     Somerset has the top ranked offense in the district this year, with Koy Detmer Jr. leading the way with an amazing 1,073 yards passing, with 15 touchdowns! Joshua Avila leads the running attack with an outstanding 12.23 average per carry, for 746 yards so far this year!
     Koy Detmer Jr. has thrown for over 600 yards more than the closest passer in the district, which has also helped produce the top two receivers in the district!
     Justin Guerra has 24 catches for 311 yards, with 5 touchdowns. Rocky Reyna has 20 catches for 445 yards, with 8 touchdowns!
     Rafael Villarreal is helping out with 12 catches for 175 yards and a touchdown! Julian Carrasco is also helping with 101 yards running the ball.
     Of course, big passing and rushing numbers couldn't happen without a great offensive and defensive line. The Bulldogs entire line on both sides of the ball has been playing outstanding all year!
    I watched the game against Southside, and they have a very good team this year. A play one way or another could have made the difference in that game. Nikko Solis seemed to be in on almost every tackle in the first half, what a great game!    
     However, while watching a run in the first half from the 1 yard line, I was convinced Somerset had scored, with the running back reaching over the goal line while still laying on top of the defender (I actually have video of this play). The officiating crew saw it differently, the play was called down on the half yard line, and the next play resulted in a fumble and turnover. The game momentum shifted for the rest of the half. Tough break for the Bulldogs, but expect a strong run in the playoffs this year for this powerful team! Go Bulldogs!

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