Friday, June 30, 2017

City Restores Von Ormy City Park

VON ORMY - The City of Von Ormy has begun cleaning and repairing the city park from damage caused by Quarterhorse Street improvements.    The large pile of fill dirt and gravel are being removed and the land leveled, restoring access to the area between the walking trails.
    The repairs are expected to be finished this weekend.

Von Ormy Applies to Reinstate Police Department

VON ORMY-- The Von Ormy City Commission has applied to the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement (TCLOE) for reinstatement of the Von Ormy Police Department (VOPD). The application is hefty, nearly an inch thick of paperwork.  The procedure to process the application could take up to several months. In the mean time, volunteers have been busy performing maintenance on the police vehicle fleet and preparing the new Police Station for service.  The City expects operations to be able to being shortly after the license is reinstated.

   The VOPD lost its license following a dispute over who would serve as Chief of Police. Former Mayor Trina Reyes repeatedly nominated interim Chief Pedro Rosario to serve as Chief, but City Commissioners denied the nomination on multiple occasions.  The Commission subsequently re-hiring former City Marshal Greg Reyes.  The Von Ormy Star confirmed with Bexar County that former Mayor Reyes contacted them for cancellation of the City's dispatch agreement with them.
     TCLOE, the state agency that licenses law enforcement agencies, requires all agencies to have dispatch services.  The cancellation of the city's agreement with Bexar County triggered an automatic revocation of the VOPD license with TCLOE.
   The Von Ormy City Commission voted to apply for reinstatement soon after VOPD had its license revoked, but TCLOE would not accept an application without the Mayor's signature.  Former Mayor Reyes declined to sign the application.  The City Commission next voted to grant signing authority to City Commissioner Alex Quintanilla.  Due to the uniqueness of the situation, TCLOE referred the question of whether a Commissioner could sign an application for reinstatement, rather than a Mayor to their agency attorneys.  That process had not been completed by the time of the recent Von Ormy elections.  With the election of a new Mayor and City Commission, the path was cleared to reinstate both the dispatch agreement with Bexar County and the VOPD license.  The request for resumption of dispatch services has also been filed with Bexar County.

Monday, May 8, 2017

Von Ormy Voters Elect New City Government, Renew Street Maintenance Sales Tax

VON ORMY-- Von Ormy voters went to the polls on Saturday May 6, 2017 to elect a new city government and decide whether to re.  Sally Martinez was elected Mayor by a vote of 82 to 45 (64.5% to 35.5%) over challenger David Farr.  The two City Commissioner positions were won by Deborah Ivy and Alex Quintanilla, both of whom ran unopposed.  Ivy previously served on the City Council in 2014 - 2015.  Alex Quintanilla is a veteran on the Von Ormy City Council having previously served as a City Councilmember, City Commissioner and Mayor-Pro Tem.     The new officials will take office following a canvassing of the election, which should take place by the end of the week. Voter turnout in Von Ormy was comparable to the countywide turnout of 11%.
     Voters also renewed the City's street maintenance sales tax by a vote of 85 to 26 (76.5% to 23.5%).  The street maintenance sales tax is 1/4 cent tax that is used to repair and maintain roads, right of way maintenance, street lighting, signage and litter control.  The tax must be renewed by voters every four years.  Von Ormy is the only city in Bexar County without a property tax and it's sales taxes play an essential role in funding the city.  Von Ormy sales tax collections have been rising over the last two years.  March and April 2017 set record highs for sales tax collections.

Von Ormy Monthly Sales Tax Collection Since Incorporation.

Friday, February 17, 2017


SAN ANTONIOThe Calf Scramble was held on February 11, 2017 at the San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo. Jonathan Escamilla of Von Ormy, Texas, received a $1,000 check for catching a calf during the scramble. He is a member of Southwest FFA. Outside of showing, Escamilla enjoys hunting, fishing, welding and woodworking. Escamilla said the best part of the calf scramble is the experience of friendly competition. Congratulations Jonathan!

Monday, October 31, 2016

City Hosts First Trunk or Treat

VON ORMY--The City of Von Ormy hosted its first ever Trunk or Treat event in the Von Ormy City Park.  The event was organized by City Commissioners and staff.  The event provided a safe Halloween venue for area kids.  Among the activities at the even were a costume contest, hot dogs, car decoration contest. ESD 5 Fire and Rescue was on scene as were City Commissioners Sally Martinez and Alex Quintanilla.  The Best Car Decoration was won by Rachel Quintanilla who turned her  vehicle into a haunted version of the Von Ormy Castle.

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Von Ormy Mayor withdraws resignation

VON ORMY-- Von Ormy Mayor Trina Reyes withdrew her resignation on Monday August 29, 2016 in an email sent to City Commissioners and staff.  Reyes had resigned during a meeting of the City Commission on August 22, following a commission vote rejecting her nominee for Chief of Police --Pedro Rosario.   The vote was the 4th time in 6 months that the City Commission has voted to reject or remove Rosario, who Mayor Reyes has repeatedly appointed as a vacancy appointment to serve as interim Police Chief.  
     Texas law does not make a resignation final until eight days after being submitted in writing to the City.  Reyes withdrew her resignation just prior to the eight day and will continue to serve as Mayor.  Her current term of office ends in May of 2017.

Monday, August 22, 2016

City adopts zero property tax rate; Hires Police Chief; Mayor Reyes resigns

Greg Reyes being sworn in  as Police Chief
by Von Ormy City Clerk Juanita de Anda
VON ORMY--At a special meeting held Monday, August 22, 2016, the Von Ormy City Commission adopted its fiscal year 2017 budget and tax rate.  Commissioners Martinez and Quintanilla voted unanimously to adopt a tax rate of zero, returning the city to a no property tax status.  The City receives most of its income from sales tax and franchise fees.  City sales tax receipts have stabilized over the past two years, following a dip resulting from Eagle Ford Shale decline.
    The new city budget totals $656,200.00 for 2017 and includes paying off the the city's remaining debt on the city park ($50,000.00), leaving the city with no debt.  The City also carries over $600,000.00 in surplus into next year.
   The Commissioners appointed Greg Reyes as the city's first Police Chief.  Reyes formerly served as City Marshal in Von Ormy.  In 2016, the City converted from a City Marshal's Office to a Police Department, which necessitated the application of a new law enforcement agency license.  The change also means that the City will no longer have a City Marshal, but will instead have a Chief of Police.
   Mayor Trina Reyes resigned during the meeting.   The City Commissioners elected Sally Martinez to serve as acting Mayor.
  The Commission also moved its regularly scheduled meetings to the first Thursday of the month.