Thursday, September 28, 2017

Loop 1604 to be expanded to 4 lanes

VON ORMY-- Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) conducted a public hearing on a project to expand Loop 1604 from Highway 90 to I-35 in Von Ormy.  The meeting was conducted at Southwest High School on Thursday, September 28.  Attendance was heavy. TxDOT plans to expand Loop 1604 into a 4 lane highway with overpass bridges at all intersections.  The expansion project is in its earliest stage of planing. Construction is tentatively set to begin in 2022 with completion in 2025.  The proposal includes creating "round abouts" at 1604 and I35 to eliminate traffic signals and to allow for traffic to flow without stopping in any direction, including onto two way accesses roads of I-35.  The expansion will only include access roads at intersections.  Roadways not part of an intersection will have direct access to 1604.   At some time in the future 1604 will be converted again into a full freeway with access roads along its full length.