Monday, December 16, 2013


Von ormy—Two new private roads have been constructed by Union Pacific Railroad as part of their efforts to close private crossings in the Von ormy.
    The new roads will provide safer access to residents living along the Union Pacific rail line.   Rather than crossing the tracks, the new roads direct traffic to the Benton City Road/Quintana Road intersection.
   Wright Lane is the shorter of the two roads and is located south of the tracks.  It was named after resident Beatrice Write who lives at the end of the new road.
   Medina Station Road is the longer road and lies north of the rail track from Quintana Road towards the Medina River and crossing in front of the old Von ormy Post office and historic location of the Von ormy School and Rail Station.  The road was named “Medina Station” because this was the original name of the rail stop of the International and Great Northern Railroad at Von ormy, which was located near the new road. 
   Speed limits on the new roads were set at 10mph and the city is in negotiations with Union Pacific on further improvements to the new roads.

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