Monday, December 16, 2013


Regular Meeting oct. 2, 2013

—Added 3 new Deputy City Marshals to force
—Placed the office of Code Compliance under the office of City Marshal.
—Appointed Rayne Guajardo as City Code Compliance officer
—Approved establishment of mobile home installation permit with zero cost to residents to ensure proper septic installations and flood plane compliance
—Established the office of City Architect, appointed Marcello Martinez as City Architect

Special Meeting oct. 16, 2013

—Passed a resolution in favor of Atascosa Rural Water Supply being the sole water supply in the city
—Set Holiday meeting schedule
—Set plans for citywide garage sale

Special Meeting oct. 30, 2013

—Approved City Architect’s updated Park Master Plan
—Discussed and approved bids for walking trails and retention pond in park
—Instructed City Architect on plans and bids for park playground, benches, lighting, landscaping, gazebo and monumental entryway.

Regular Meeting Nov 6, 2013

—Approved $7,500 in matching funds to County’s grant of $300,000 for walking trails and retention pond.
—Voted not to renew contract for animal control services with Hope for Dogs at request of Hope for Dogs
—Appointed Lillie Mae Goede as Animal Control officer, under the office of the City Marshal

Regular Meeting Dec 4, 2013

—Added 4 new Deputy City Marshals
—Appointed Deputy Marshal Chris Zelinsky as City Fire Marshal
—Approved plan by Presiding Judge to change Municipal Court to a Court of Record.
—Approved contract with Municipay Credit Card Services to provide credit card payment services for city and municipal court
—Received report by City Engineer on new road projects and construction time line for walking trails and retention pond projects
—Approved plan by Code Compliance to conduct public health and safety survey of city to identify issues that need addressing by the city
—Named the new private road south of the rail tracks near the intersection of Benton City Road north and Quintana Road "Wright Lane" and placed a yield sign and street name signs at its intersection with Benton City Road north
—Named the new private road north of the rail tracks near the intersection of Benton City Road north and Quintana Road " Medina Station Road" and placed a stop sign and street sign at its intersection with Quintana Road
—Passed a resolution in opposition to changes in the Von ormy zip code (78073) in response to resident feedback
—Approved amendment to CPS Energy that increases the city’s franchise fee paid by CPS Energy by 25%, and does not increase rates paid by residents.
—City council approved the creation of a full time assistant city clerk position and posting for applicants
—Approved applications of 2 commercial establishments for I-35 locations
— Approved a voluntary annexation drive for residents of  the city’s ETJ

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