Monday, December 16, 2013


Von ormy—2014 will bring positive changes to Von ormy’s municipal court.  Presiding Judge James Rodriguez presented his plan to upgrade the court to a “court of record.”
   Currently, as a court of non-record, appeals from the Von ormy Court are given new trials at the Court  level, a redundant use of judicial resources.  Under the new Court appeals can only be made based upon the claim of error by the City Court.
     Additionally, the new Court of Record will have civil jurisdiction for the purpose of enforcing municipal ordinances, including for the purpose of investigating a health and safety or nuisance abatement ordinance violation.
    Courts of Record in Texas also have concurrent jurisdiction with a justice of the peace court in criminal cases that arise within the territorial limits of the municipality and are punishable only by fine.  This will give the City Marshal and Bexar County Sheriff the option to file cases in the City Court when applicable.
    In an additional measure, the City Council approved a contract with Municipay for credit card processing services.  This will allow the Court to accept credit card payment for the first time.  It will also be used by the City Marshals to process warrant fees and the City Clerk’s office to accept payments for permits. 
    The payment service will be available on the city’s website and will not cost the city.  The system is paid by user fees which are set at $3 per transaction. Payments by check, money order and cash will continue to have no fees.

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