Friday, July 12, 2013

CITY COUNCIL NOTES: A summary of significant actions taken by the Von Ormy City Council

regular meeting 5/1/2013

- Approved facility use agreement with ESD 5 and Jarret VFD for the upcoming fire station
- Amended health ordinance to broaden the definition of a “food establishment” to include “commercial cooking”
- Adopted a Comprehensive Plan to be used in zoning
- Approved salary increase for City Marshal
- Approved independent appraisal of 3 acres of land to be sold to Jarret VFD for construction of fire station

Public hearings
 5/2/2013 and 5/3/2013

- Received pubic comment on voluntary annexation requests

Special meeting 5/23/2013

- Canvassed results of May 11 election

regular meeting 6/12/2013

- Newly elected Council members and Mayor sworn in by Judge Monica Caballero
- Municipal Judge James A. Rodriguez was reappointed
- Mary Lou Alvarez and Adrian A. Spears, II, were appointed Associate Municipal Judges
- Councilwoman Sally Martinez was elected Mayor Pro Tem
- Voluntary annexation requests were approved for 13425 Quintana Rd and 13511 Quintana Rd
- Council meeting schedule was reestablished to 1st and 3rd Wed of each month at 7:00 pm.
- Time allocated to citizens to be heard was restored to 3 minutes each
- City employees other than City Marshal, City Clerk and City Administrator were organized under the City Administrator and employment issues assigned to be handled by city administration
- Authorized annual inter-fund transfer from City’s Economic Development Fund and Community Development Fund to General Fund to share cost of employee salaries and free up funds in the General Fund for other uses.
- Animal Control budget was increased to allow for operations through end of fiscal year
- Animal Control Services was renamed Animal Care Services
- A stop sign will be placed at the corner of Horse Back and Quarter Horse and Tennessee Walker and Quarter Horse
- Pubic Hearings ordered on permit requirement for trucking companies operating within the city
- Amendment to city’s Agenda ordinance requiring a public hearing on any proposed change to the agenda procedure.
- Approved policy that those appointed to city boards and commissions by City Council members shall be residents of the city or its extra-territorial jurisdiction; authorizing the Mayor to appoint non-residents if they possess “special knowledge” concerning the area of appointment.
- Approved a vacancy rule authorizing the Mayor to fill vacancies on city boards and commissions otherwise appointed by City Council members if the Council member fails to appoint after 60 days.
-Reorganized the city’s Park and Recreation Board, reducing the number of members from 9 to 7, granting each council member 1 appointment and the Mayor 2.
- Set the week of July 8 for annual VO to DC visit
- Amended city holiday ordinance adding “Von Ormy Day” May 30, the anniversary of the city’s establishment, to list of optional holidays that the city recognizes, but which it does not close operations.

regular meeting 6/19/2013

- A presentation thanking former Councilman Sammy Martinez for his service to the city was held
- City adopted local rules for the municipal court, including dress code and standing orders for more efficient operations
- Authorized bids for renewal of depository banking contract for city funds
- Approved appraisal of land at I-35 and Medina River owned by Landmark Industries for purchase by city
- Abolished the Planning and Zoning commission, its functions transferred to the City Council
- Amended Master Fee schedule to clarify zero cost permitting for residents of the city
- Amended ordinance 2008-7, that defines the terms of office and election of Mayor and Council members, correcting it to reflect change from November to May election day
- Passed bank signature resolution replacing the prior Mayo Pro Tem with the current one
- Authorized adding city park maintenance to existing right of way contract, for consistent grass cutting, removal of litter, dangerous limbs and fallen trees
- Approved preliminary zoning map to be used during public hearings on proposed zoning report

Special meeting 6/24/2013

- Reauthorized sale of 3 acres of land to Jarret VFD to construct a fire station, setting the price at that arrived by independent appraisal—$39,900.00.
- Increased budget line item for Jarret VFD/fire protection to cover cost and expenses of land sale
- Authorized the Mayor as signatory on necessary paperwork to complete sale of land to Jarret VFD

Public hearing 7/3/2013

- Received pubic comment on the issue of requiring permits be obtained to operate trucking businesses within the corporate limits of Von Ormy

Regular meeting 7/3/2013

- Passed Resolution honoring Vietnam Veterans who participated in the Tet offensive of 1968.
- Approved appointment of Edward Collozo and Martin Segura and Deputy City Marshals
- Approved preliminary planning report for zoning
- City Engineer updated on infrastructure projects, including reconstruction of Quarter Horse Rd., flood control on Von Ormy Rd cul-du-sac, drainage and detention pond to reduce flooding in Von Ormy Heights and walking trails.  All set to begin this fall.
- Set public hearings on July 24 and Aug 7 on the city’s preliminary map and planning report for zoning of city

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