Monday, March 25, 2013


VON ORMY—At a special meeting March 23rd, the Von Ormy City Council passed a temporary commercial building freeze until the passage of a Zoning Ordinance.
     Mayor Art Martinez de Vara told the Star, “We just could not wait any further and risk additional industrial and heavy commercial uses from being built in our  residential and commercial corridors.”
    When completed, the city’s zoning ordinance will establish zones within the city where certain uses are allowed and others prohibited. 
    Martinez de Vara said, “The goal is to protect the health and safety of residents by preventing certain uses in our residential neighborhoods.  Noise, environmental hazards and heavy traffic have no place in residential areas.  Our business community has also asked us to zone in order to preserve the commercial base in our I-35  corridor, which would be greatly disrupted by industrial uses.  For example, few would like to eat at a restaurant that was next to a chemical plant, or shop near the loud noise of a recycling plant.”
     Zoning will also allow the city to restrict sexually oriented business. 
     The freeze does not apply to residential construction, public utilities or public uses.

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