Tuesday, February 5, 2013


By Emmanuel Delfin

VON  ORMY — The Von Ormy Film Commission was organized in 2012 to promote the city as a location for the production of films industry and to promote the appreciation of motion picture arts and media in the city.  The fledgling Commission is off to a thunderous start in 2013. 
     Principal photography of the first short film shot entirely in Von Ormy wrapped early December 2012. After two weeks of production, the movie short is now being edited before special effects are added and sound & music is mixed. The short, entitled “Last Meal” is set for a limited release February 22, at the city’s Von Zomb, Zombie Fun Fest to be held in the new city park. The event will begin at 6:00 PM with a zombie walk, followed by the premiere.
     “This was our first time working on something requiring this much special effects and makeup,” producer Brian Ramirez said. “Thanks to a wonderful team and hardworking cast and crew, we ended up with a great film.”
     Up next for the film commission, is a full length feature documentary on the local Jarret Volunteer Fire Department. Cameras will follow them on calls and highlight the people working around the clock to keep the area safe. The movie will show the firefighters at the station, as well as showing them in their homes and families, tending to normality. A difficult balance between danger and life.
     Later this month,  a short film will be shot in town, highlighting the recent UFO sightings that have occurred south of the city in the Eagle Ford Shale. The story will follow a young reporter who investigates the sightings, only to find that he has stumbled upon a world changing discovery. The film will be released in the summer.
     Early March will bring the production of a horror film, entitled “The Station.” The movie will provide thrills and chills, as a young girl working as a late night cashier encounters some homicidal characters. The film will be released in September.
     A documentary is also in production that will star the city of Von Ormy as the lead part. The film will highlight the moments leading up to the city formation, and to the future of the young town. Interviews with locals will help show an appreciation for “the little city that could.” The film will be released in April, available for viewing in wide distribution.
     This month also marks the very first Von Zomb, Von Ormy Zombie Fest at the new city park. There will be a zombie walk, food and drinks, prizes, a free screening of the movie “Night of the Living Dead”, and the premiere of Von Ormy’s first zombie film, “The Last Meal”. The event will take place on Friday, February 22 starting at 6 PM. Come support the local arts, and be prepared to mingle with the undead!

Emmanuel Delfin serves as the Chair of the Von Ormy Film Commission and is a film student at University of Texas at Austin.

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