Tuesday, February 5, 2013


Dragons in Tough
District 28-5A
By Brett Wilson Sr.

     With five of the six district teams hovering around .500 or better going into district play, Southwest looks ready to challenge for a playoff spot.
     The scoring has been spread to several players. Lorenzo Gonzales leads the team averaging 10 points per game. Gonzales also has 71 assists and 35 steals! Bryan Perez, Devanta Hayes, and Javid Perez are contributing 8 points per game. Javid also has 34 steals. Devanta Hayes is shooting 50% on his shots and has 13 blocks! Aaron Embry is getting 7 points per game. Adrian Gutierrez is adding 6 points per game while leading the team in shooting percentage with over 58%!. Sergio DeHoyos and Hector Murillo are adding 4 points per game. Nigel Thompson has 65 assists to go with his 25 steals.
Corpus Christi Carroll    14-3
Steele        14-7
East Central      14-9
Southwest      10-12
South San      9-13
Corpus Christi King    2-15

Baseball Season Begins This Month!
By Brett Wilson Sr.

     Southwest begins 2013 with a fresh start. New Head Coach John Velasquez will hopefully improve team morale and attitude.
     The Dragons don't start completely fresh, with John Eric Cortez and Chipper Lamm coming back to anchor the team. Cortez will be moving from behind the plate to the pitching mound and infield. Lamm returns to first base.
     Other returning players are Durann Petino, Eli Pacheco, Ryan Rendon and Dominic Lopez. Under used JJ Salinas, who has played select ball at an all star level plays every position on the field and should see action. Kyle Smith, a pitcher and natural contact hitter may also finally see some playing time. They both could provide some much needed bats.
     Hitting is an area Coach Velasquez will be looking to improve this year, along with reducing fielding errors. Javier Morales may see some action with some younger players possibly getting a chance to contribute.

My Sports Insider

     I walked into Benjamin's Kitchen on Fischer Road to order my favorite Carne Guisada Tacos, when I was waved over to a table where sat my new friend Jonathan Fryer. Remembering being stuck with the bill last time, I ordered two taco's to-go before moving to the table.
     Before I was able to utter a word, Mr. Fryer grabbed my arm and guided me to sit at his table. “Your articles are improving, but you still have a long way to go before you rest, in other words you can improve a great deal more. I have some advice to make you look smarter.”
     My to go order was placed on the table seemingly unnoticed by Mr. Fryer. “First, I'll start with your Dallas Cowboys. Jerry Jones was madder than a hornet on a hot day after this season ended. That team will be lucky he doesn't fire everyone, including the mascot. I know you like Romo, but don't be surprised to see him gone soon. The only safe players are Murray, Bryant, and Witten.”
     With that he grabbed my to go order “You haven't touched your order, must not be too hungry”, I sat in disbelief as he wolfed down a taco in two bites. “The Spurs are the best team in basketball, unless they are tired. Then they're the worst. It's 50/50 if the older players are healthy come playoff time. You know who I mean. Pop will try to keep them from using all their energy too early in a series. So they might go a long way in the playoffs” My second taco vanished in another two bites, “You need to watch taking shots at the Texans being in the playoffs, they won their first playoff game while your Cowboys were watching from their home TV”.     
     Mr. Fryer continued with his meal for a while, “One last thing. I heard a rumor a pro baseball team was looking to place a minor league team here. Give the Missions some local competition. Surprised they haven't done it sooner. Fans love local rivals.” I thanked Mr. Fryer for his advice, then stopped at the front to place another order to go.

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