Tuesday, February 5, 2013


The below list is a summary of the major actions taken by the Von Ormy City Council over the past month

Special Meeting 11/12/2012
—Approved sale of three acres of land to Jarret VFD for construction of fire station.

Regular Meeting 12/5/2012
-Approved ordinance regulating tall grass on lots of less than 0.5 acres within the city
-Approved the preliminary purchase of a municipal building for use as a city hall, court and community center.
-By 3-2 vote, postponed all zoning  efforts within the city until city develops comprehensive plan
-Approved plan to re-invest the city’s certificates of deposit, which constitute its long-term emergency reserve fund .
-Approved the establishment of an Assistant Municipal Court Clerk.
-Approved Christmas Tree lightening event in City Park

Regular Meeting 12/20/2012
-Approved purchase of 40’ x 80’ metal building for municipal offices
-Approved procurement of architectural designs for building

Regular Meeting 1/16/2013
-Unable to conduct business due to lack of a quorum. Present members were Sally Martinez, Amy Suarez, Art Martinez de Vara.

Special Meeting 1/25/2013
-Approved application for CDBG grant for the reconstruction of Quarterhorse Rd.
-Approved design features of municipal building.
-Approved purchase of equipment, including diesel generator, 3 x 3 water pump and pressure washer.

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