Wednesday, November 28, 2012


     The city of Von Ormy has reestablished its Animal Control Services at a special meeting called by Mayor Art Martinez de Vara on Monday, November 5, 2012.  The City approved a contract with Hope for Dogs, a Texas non-profit organization founded by Michael Suarez, the previous Von Ormy Animal Control Officer (ACO).  Under the contract Suarez will continue to serve as the city’s ACO, while the non-profit operates a “no kill” shelter for the city.
     Von Ormy operates one of the highest ratio “no kill” shelters in Texas.  “No kill” designation requires a minimum of 70% save to kill ratio.  Von Ormy ACS has a 93% ratio since its inception in 2010.  In recent placements, several strays from Von Ormy have been trained as service dogs, including Pumpkin (a chow mix found on Benton City Road) and Blue (a Husky shepherd mix from Horse Pistol Rd) who now serve as PTSD service dogs.
     Due to Von Ormy’s location as an outlying community on the I-35 corridor, it receives a high number of abandoned pets, mostly originating from San Antonio.  Mayor Art Martinez de Vara said, “I am very pleased that our Animal Control Services are again operational.  We strive to operate a humane shelter that gives these abandoned pets new leases on life, be that with new families or in public service.”

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