Wednesday, November 28, 2012


Dragons Have Successful Season!
By Brett Wilson Sr.

     The Southwest Dragons season ended in the playoffs against O'Connor despite matching total yards gained. Turnovers and penalties tilted the outcome. Southwest had 7 penalties and O'Connor had 0. But making the playoffs was an accomplishment this year.
     Jaedon Johnson had a great playoff game with 7 catches for over 100 yards. Erin Mack was solid with over 4 yards per carry.
     I correctly predicted Southwest would make the post season this year..With some top players returning next year looks good too! Congratulations on a winning season! Go Southwest!

Recognition of Top Southwest Players
By Brett Wilson Sr.

     All the linemen were mentioned in last month's issue. They are deserving of much respect for having a great year. Without the outstanding play of those linemen, there would be no headlines for other players.
     That being said, Southwest had an amazing player this year by the name of Erin Mack. Mack had almost 1500 yards rushing this year with over 9 yards per carry average! Add in 20 touchdown runs and you have a huge season! Mack is only a junior so will be back next year. Congratulation in having an outstanding year!
     Nathaniel Scott also had a strong year with almost 700 yards rushing and over 8 yards per carry! Scott is also a junior so the Dragons look to have a very strong running game again next year!
     Jaedon Johnson and Jon Martinez were the leading receivers this year, with Johnson coming back next year.
      Lorenzo Gonzales had a solid year, with his completion percentage over 55% to help keep teams honest. Great year and again, congratulations!
Thanksgiving and Baseball!
By Brett Wilson Sr.

     As we enter the holidays, Thanksgiving approaches this week as I write this, we all should have reasons to be thankful. I have, now and for many years, had the privilege of coaching and being part of many kids lives as they play the great game of baseball. Having been present for so many amazing moments of outstanding talent, determination, sportsmanship, and character building contests I count myself as one of the most fortunate and blessed.
     While I am proud of all the kids, the ones with huge talent, the ones with huge heart, and some with bucket loads of both, I am especially thankful for being able to be part of my son's experience while participating in this game of baseball.
      I'm proud of you son, not just because of the talent you have for baseball, but also for the talent you have for life.
       We have been playing this fall and will continue to play into December this year. We found a league playing on Sunday this fall where our high school kids could play against college level players. We had some kids from Somerset, Southwest, Burbank and Southside   combine to form a team that gave those college and adult teams good competition.

     So Gilbert, Rudy, Javier, JJ, Sergio, Frank, Luke, Zach, Ryan, everyone else on this team and teams past, and especially my son Brett Jr., have a Happy Thanksgiving, Merry Christmas, and a Great New Year!

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