Wednesday, November 28, 2012


Somerset Bulldogs  Crush Boerne 49 to 6!
By Brett Wilson Sr.

     Koy Detmer to Justin Guerra proved unstoppable against Boerne in their first round playoff game. The quarterback and receiver teamed up for an unbelievable 5 touchdown performance that sends Somerset into the second round against undefeated El Campo on Friday, November 23rd in Bastrop.
     Donny Perez and Salvadore Marines both rushed for over 100 yards to make the overwhelming assault complete both from the air and on the ground.
     The line play was dominated by Somerset on both sides of the ball throughout the game as Boerne could only muster 160 yards total offense for the game, compared to Somerset's 450 yards.
     Expect a different type of game against El Campo. El Campo brings a team that knows one thing, how to run the ball. Expect El Campo to run, run, then run some more. They have rushed for almost 4000 yards this year while only passing for 600. They have three running backs with almost 1000 yards each, leading one to believe the offensive line must be impressive. At least Somerset knows where to focus.
      Somerset has a balanced offense El Campo will have problems stopping. They can not focus on one area with such a strong team. If Somerset stops the run, they stop El Campo. Should be a great game, but I think Somerset comes out on top.

Recognition of Some Top Bulldog Players
Brett Wilson Sr.
     Somerset has some impressive players of this year. Starting with Koy Detmer, throwing for almost 2000 yards. The most impressive stat is an amazing 29 touchdown passes against only 3 interceptions! Even more amazing considering Koy is a Sophomore. The entire offensive line can be proud of the great protection they provided to help with such big numbers. The receiving end of most of those passes went to Justin Guerra with 27 catches and 11 touchdowns, and Rocky Reyna with 22 receptions and 10 touchdowns
     Passing wasn't the only benefit the offensive line helped with, Donny Perez has over 1300 yards rushing with 13 touchdowns! Most of the yards coming with power charges up the middle of the field, bulldozing over opponents. Salvadore Marines and Eden Rodriguez each has over 500 yards rushing each.
     At the beginning of the season, this reporter made a bold prediction that this Somerset team would not only make the playoffs, but could go deep into the playoffs and become one of the best Bulldog teams in school history. Thank you Somerset for making me look good. What a great year so far, Go Bulldogs!

Dallas Wins Over Browns 23 to 20!

    The Dallas Cowboys are my favorite team. I know the Texans are having a great year, so what.
     I hear all the complaints about Romo. There are those that like to point out the quarterback as the root of all problems the Cowboys have had this year. All the complainers are wrong. Tony Romo is one of the top quarterbacks in the league, regardless of the number of interceptions.
     Yes, he has one of the best potential receivers in the game in Dez Bryant. The only problem with Bryant is you never know if he will run the correct route. Then he makes a catch that few could make, showing a talent unseen in Dallas since Irving retired.
    The real reason Dallas has struggled this year is not Romo, Bryant, or Murray getting injured. The offensive line has been horrible. Possibly the worst line in the NFL. This line stinks. Dallas should make the playoffs this year, but unless the line play changes they won't get far in the playoffs.

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