Thursday, February 6, 2014


VON ORMY—The City of Von Ormy has been recognized recently for its innovative public policy and tax structure, most recently by the Texas Public Policy Foundation's Center for Local Governance.
     James Quintero, Director of the Center described Von Ormy as, “a small city with big ideas that is challenging the de facto practice of municipalities piling on local debt and paying for it with property tax .” 
   An expanded business base coupled with a thriving economy, driven by the Eagle Ford Shale play, have resulted in a sharp rise in revenue to the city.  Von Ormy sales tax receipts for 2013 outpaced 2012 by over 50%.  Mayor Art Martinez de Vara attributes the increase to the opening of several new businesses in 2013.
  The Mayor said, “our increase in sales tax revenue was greater than all property taxes paid to the city. This means we are on pace for another double digit property tax cut in 2014.”
   Mayor Martinez de Vara told the Star, “Accolades are nice, but we’ve still got a lot of work ahead, building at a pace we can afford and continuing to grow our sales tax base in the city.  We expect to see sales tax revenue to continue to rise in 2014, but at a slower pace than last year.” 

Listen to the Center for Local Governance’s report on Von Ormy here:

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