Sunday, April 28, 2013


By Michael Suarez
     This story is about one dog that had a lot of small chances add up to one big reward for him.  A few months back a friend and local resident of Von Ormy was driving out to see her mother that still lives in our city.  As she happens to drive slowly past a fork in the road she noticed that a trash bag on the side of the road was moving.  For the life of me I don’t know WHY, but she stopped and went to the black trash bag and opened it.  Inside the bag was a tiny wire haired puppy that was sick, dehydrated, and on his last legs.
     Knowing that Von Ormy has an Animal Control (and us being High School friends) she rushed the poor pup over to me for emergency first aid.  Now I know a lot about dogs, but even I have to run to the vet’s office now and then. So off to the Veterinarian we went!  The staff at the local vet is always kind and tries to help us out as much as possible, but even they had their doubts on a happy out come for this tiny guy.  Dr. Green told us that the pup needed 24 hour care, something that is VERY hard for us to give because we have many stray loose dogs to care for.
     All was not lost! This is where having connections in the rescue world saves you!  FOSTERS!  Just like when children are taken from abusive homes, there are people that will take your little dog or cat in and give them the loving attention that they need to get better and then move onto a forever home.  We provide the medical care they need, and the foster provides the attention the injured/scared animal requires to become adoptable.  Just in time a nice family offered their home to this abandon pup, they gave him the care he needed to live, and they gave him the love all living things need to survive.  After a few months he was able to go out to new and exciting adoption events and sure enough he has his forever home! 
     We can line the chain of events up to see how this life was saved; The City of and People of Von Ormy having the foresight to see that a city is formed to protect not only its citizens, but the ones that have no voice but ours.  The Mayor and City Administrator for fighting so hard during the budget making process to insure we have the funding to do our jobs, the citizens that watch and report any animal abuse to us, the local non-profits that help us with donations of everything from dog food to paper towels, and the people that care for these abandon, lost, abused animals everywhere.  I would not have the heart to do what we do day in and day out without stories that end like Jax did.
      Thank you Elisabeth P. and Sharada S. for being there for Jax in his time of need, he is now in his forever home having fun like puppies should.  Being a foster is not a life time commitment for fosters, but it means life for the animals. Remember, don’t shop adopt!  There are many Animal Controls with GREAT dogs and cats available for adoption in the area; Doug  B. at Pleasanton animal control, Betty K. at Lytle animal control and of course Tallis and myself here at Von Ormy animal control have MANY great dogs looking for their forever home.  Be an animals HERO and save a life!

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