Sunday, April 28, 2013


Staff Writer
VON ORMY—On the early morning of April 28, Jarret Volunteer Fire Department was dispatched out for a very unique call. It was not a motor vehicle accident, a healthcare emergency, and not even a cat stuck in a tree. The dispatcher notified Jarret volunteers that a puppy had its head stuck under a car, for over an hour, at 2:30am. Upon arrival Chief Ortega, Captain Rapstine, and Firefighter Escamilla found a sheriff already working on rescuing the small puppy.
     The puppy's owners stated the puppy ran under the car during the storm just an hour before, and was so scared from the thunder and lightning that he wedged himself in so tight he couldn't get back out. The homeowners tried for quite some time to get the puppy out, but his head was stuck in such a way that reinforcements were necessary. The sheriff officer engaged a small scissor lift to raise one of the cars front tires off the ground in order to reach the puppy. The ground was very soft from the previous rain storm and the lift proved a more difficult task than the initial size up called for.
     With additional equipment provided by the fire department, the car was lifted up higher and was stabilized to make the rescue effort much safer for everyone involved, human and canine. After taking off a tire and raising the car higher, Chief Ortega was still unable to dislodge the puppies head from the vehicle. Homeowners provided baby oil for Chief Ortega to put on the puppies head. With a little wiggle and a pull, the puppy's head was dislodged and returned safely to the thankful homeowners. Great team work from the Sheriff Department, Jarret Fire Department, and homeowners formulated a successful canine rescue.

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