Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Disney's Magic by Janie Cadena

 By Janie Cadena
     Okay, I know I was going to finish up with Canada this month, but I just had to write this article because I just returned from the first sailing of a Disney ship from Galveston and the excitement is still with me.
     The magic begins when you enter the ship and you are announced over the public address system. The Disney Magic is the flagship in the Disney fleet. Disney created their cruise line with the same eye to detail that goes into every Disney project. Of course one of the most important things is putting children first. As an example, almost one whole deck on each of their 4 ships is devoted to children’s programs. And do they have programs; for children 3 and up they have programs from 9:00 AM until midnight. They also have programs for the Tween-agers from 11 – 13 years old and for the older teens, as well as family activities. There are also activities for adults only.
     I mentioned Disney’s eye to detail – following are just examples. All rooms accommodate at least 3 people and up to 7 in the 2-bedroom suite. They also, have more connecting rooms than other ships. In all the rooms, except the Standard Inside, they have a split bathroom – one room with a toilet and sink and another room with a shower and a sink, which is very good when you have little ones who need to go to the potty or wash their hands while someone is in the shower. Each room is provided with Wave Phones to keep in touch with each other while on board the ship. On the deck with the children’s programs they have lowered the ceilings so the children feel bigger, more empowered.
     For all you parents and grandparents there are sooo many photo opportunities with the Disney characters. There are listings on the daily agenda showing which character will be where and at what time; sometimes they just show up in one of the lounges to dance with the kids. The children are so adorable, many of them dress up like their favorite character – it looks like Halloween.
     The evening shows are all well done and entertaining and, of course, most of them are based on Disney shows. There is entertainment for adults as well in an area called “Beat Street”. In the evening it becomes a place for 18 and older with dancing and entertainment without the little ones.
     One night during the cruise is “Pirate’s Night”- arrgh. Passengers are encouraged to dress up like pirates for the evening. There is a big deck party with singing and dancing and characters. For a grand finale there are fireworks, real fireworks, the only ships sailing that have been given permission to set off fireworks at sea. Yes, many of the little ones are still awake!
     Lest you think this cruise is only for those with kids there were many adults without children on board. Disney has thought of this, too, with a pool, hot tubs, a café and spa area just for those 18 and older. But I wouldn’t recommend this cruise line if you don’t like to be around kids or if you want to gamble as there are no casinos.
     Disney will be sailing from Galveston until May, 2013. On this itinerary our ports of call were: Grand Cayman; Costa Maya, Mexico and Cozumel, Mexico. In 2013 they will be adding an itinerary going to Key West, Port Canaveral and Disney’s Private Island in the Bahamas. Texas is happy to welcome Disney Cruise Line to the Lone Star State.

Janie Cadena, CTC, CPG has been a certified travel counselor for over 20 years and has traveled or lived in over 40 countries. She owns Your Travel Guide, a travel agency located right here in Von Ormy. For more information go to: www.yourtravelguideco.com or email her at travelguide@sbcglobal.net.

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